Making Emotional Wellness A Priority

Psychotherapy is a possible resource to help you assess your mental health in a safe way and below are a few reasons you should consider it. 

Mental health is something most people agree should be important but don’t necessarily make a priority until the situation is critical. Life changes such as a career transition, new relationships or the loss of a loved one can shift us into this critical stage that leads to a time of reflection; however, self-reflection is only productive if you know how to apply what you’ve discovered. 

1) It’s Useful for Processing Feelings. You’re working against yourself by uncovering feelings that you don’t know how to process in a healthy way. Knowing your triggers or deep character flaws are only a benefit if you know a healthy and applicable way to address them. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to this process and a therapist can help you find what works best. 

2) It’s Financially Feasible. It’s easy to say you don’t have the money to deal with your mental health but most of us do and have already been spending it on other things. Buying a new skirt when you’re feeling down, treating yourself with rich food when you’re having a bad day or even making impulse purchases just because the money is there. It would be silly to act like the price of each item alone is comparable to an appointment with a licensed therapist but it’s not unrealistic to save for an initial consult. 

3) It’s Not All Bad News.  Along with the discovery of possible bad habits and self-destructive behaviors embraced over time, therapy could also help you realize that you’ve been doing some things right. A therapist could help you find out how to enhance those good habits for better mental health.

4) You Have Resources. You may not know the first place to look for a therapist– especially ones that look like you or may have a similar cultural experience. Sites like Psychology Today and Good Therapy can be good starting points. There is also value in word-of-mouth recommendations from close friends or loved ones. 

5) You Can Tailor Your Experience.  Don’t confine therapy to what has been shown on television dramas. There are numerous approaches to psychotherapy that range from coaching to expressive arts therapy and your experience could be a fun way to explore your mental health. 
Therapy may not answer all of your questions about the universe; however, it’s a good start to answering questions about yourself and how you can shape your life.

About Janee V. Henderson

Janee' V. Henderson is a licensed professional counselor, coach, and consultant. She is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and holds a license to service those located in Missouri, Texas, and New Jersey. Janee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Hampton University and a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Janee has certifications in Anger Management and Trauma-Informed Care.

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