Healthy Relationships

My desire is to help you create healthy relationships in your life.

Many of us have learned that forming, maintaining, and even absolving relationships can be difficult.

Imagine if the work you’ve put in isn’t producing the results you expected. This is common when relationships are not healthy. When the word relationship is used our minds automatically think “romantic”, but a relationship is simply a connection, association or involvement with another person. Each of us engages in multiple types of relationships daily.

A healthy relationship is composed of trust, respect, communication, compromise, support, safety, and accountability. I ask you to consider how many of your past or current relationships are healthy.


My desire is to help you create healthy relationships in your life

  • Understanding and ridding toxic ties in your life
  • Identifying your own needs in a relationship
  • Learning to effectively communicate your feelings
  • Developing skills to maintain and build relationships
  • Implementing conflict resolution skills into daily life


Together we will take an introspective look at patterns and trends that hinder relationships. Everyone can benefit from developing healthy relationships. My services will equip you to cultivate positive relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, and intimate partners.