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Putting Your Mask on First

If you’ve ever flown on a plane then you know the routine, find your seat, buckle up and prepare for take-off. Next, comes the safety spiel so familiar that you can probably say it along. So here it goes, “in the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down…

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Dear Brown Girl

This post is for all the women who look at themselves in the mirror with doubt, hide their pain, and question their self-worth. I am speaking directly to you in hopes that I may reach the deepest part of your spirit that has ever been crushed, dampened or bruised. Though you may struggle to see…

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The Year of Productivity

I heard a word today and felt compelled to share it. I was told 2019 is the year of productivity and immediately began to think of the “New Year, New Me!” folks. I wondered how they were doing, how many of them were successful and honestly how many had given up already. Here comes the…

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Making Emotional Wellness A Priority

Psychotherapy is a possible resource to help you assess your mental health in a safe way and below are a few reasons you should consider it.  Mental health is something most people agree should be important but don’t necessarily make a priority until the situation is critical. Life changes such as a career transition, new…

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