We have all heard of the popular Dr. Phil. Through his books and TV show we’ve been given glimpses of what “therapist” is like. Honestly, most therapists are not like Dr. Phil, we all have different styles and/or therapeutic orientations. I believe that most people are intrigued about what happens in a therapy session. People are curious by the idea of sharing so much of themselves with another person yet I believe there is something comforting in the anonymity of a therapist. A client has the freedom to choose a person who they feel they can identify or connect with. There is a special relationship that forms from working with whom they have never met, therefore forgoing the fear of judgement or the need to conceal things. The two develop a relationship with goal of growing, evolving and resolving past hurts. It’s understandable that some would have reservations about starting therapy, however I want to share some reasons to give therapy a try.

  1. It not only helps you understand yourself better but it helps you understand other people and situations.
  2. Your therapist can become a part of your support system.
  3. Life happens, knowing how to deal with it in a healthy way is vital.
  4. The therapeutic relationship provides a safe space to think and figure out things out.
  5. Your therapist can be your objective, logical sounding board that can offer a new perspective.
  6. You can learn new ways to cope, gain direction and resolve past conflict.

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