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Many of us have longed for a change to miraculously happen in our lives. We all have struggled at times to figure out just what the problem is and we often begin to question ourselves when we have nowhere left to turn. At that point we may need assistance to find ourselves and bring those long lost dreams into fruition. Janee V. Henderson is an expert at guiding people through those inner changes they have dreamed of making.

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Guilt free goodbyes!

When we think of goodbye we often think of a farewell, maybe even leaving something or someone with the implication that we will never see them again. Goodbyes

Why Therapy?

We have all heard of the popular Dr. Phil. Through his books and TV show we’ve been given glimpses of what “therapist” is like. Honestly, most therapists are

Emotional Blackmail

After a deep conversation with my friend I felt it necessary to address this concept of emotional blackmailing. Emotional blackmailing is a form of emotional manipulation, in which

Modern Day Trauma

We are only 7 months into the year but since 2016 began we have seen countless instances of violence and injustice. The moment we turn on our radio,

Healthy Relationships

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