The Truth About Change

When we think about change it has a negative connotation to it. Many of us are divided when it comes to change, its either viewed as good or bad. What if change isn’t a black and white concept but our perspective of our current experience. We can’t control what is currently happening in our life but we can control our perception of the experience. I view change as a two-part process. The first part of change begins as an internal process. A person must decide whether they want to change anything about their life or circumstances. From the moment that decision is made the internal process can begin. I would venture to say the psychological work that happens initially is one of the hardest parts. During this period, the questions come up as to how one got there, what will be required to change, will they be able to stick to it and is the change even going to be worth it. The second part of the process is getting down to the dirty work of CHANGING! A key staple of this stage is commitment to changing. A plan has been made and you are trying your best to stick to it no matter how many setbacks come along the way. Nobody mentions how hard it is to stay committed especially when others don’t see your efforts. I know it would seem easier to throw in the towel because others can’t see how much work you’ve put in or how long you’ve been working on this change long before they noticed.

Rarely, when we look at change to we see it as a loss. Regardless of whether we see the change as positive or negative there is some loss attached. When a child is born in most situations it is a joyous occasion, however the new mother has experienced some loss when it comes to sharing her body, sleep routines, the household adding a member and previous freedoms. If you get offered the job of your dream with the condition of relocation, no matter how exciting it is there is still some loss associated, the loss of being away from family, the unfamiliarity of a new place and having to go through the strenuous moving process altogether.

In my final words, I want to encourage you to continue to make that change because you are not doing it for others but you have committed to this change for you.