Six ways to enjoy Christmas with yourself

When you think of Christmas you often think of being with family and friend, but for some of us that is not possible every year, whether you are active military, a college student, live abroad or simply just prefer to be alone. Christmas time can still be one associated with peace, love and enjoyment. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the Holidays with yourself.
1. Play some Christmas music. I mean who doesn’t love Rudolph the red nose reindeer! Or feel free to substitute Christmas music for any other type of feel good music. 
2. Make yourself or take yourself out for a big breakfast, lunch or dinner. I mean go all out have the pancakes, meatloaf, omelets, pizza or whatever else makes your tummy smile. Find one of your favorites or have them all and leave the dietary rules at home.

3. Buy yourself a gift. It doesn’t matter how big or small just take the time to pick out something especially for you. Now if it’s Christmas Day and you haven’t picked out anything yet you may want to consider some online or next day shopping. 

4. Socialize. This could mean going to church, calling a friend, volunteering in the community or hey try checking the mailbox and saying Merry Christmas to anyone who crosses your path. 

5. Do something you’ve been meaning to do. If your at home it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to be productive does it? There are no stipulations or limitations on what productivity has to mean. Maybe you’ve been meaning to paint your nails, call that relative that you’ve been too busy to talk to or catch up on your ever growing Netflix/DVR queues.

6. Feel free to reminisce. This time of year can make you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. Today can be the day you look through the old photo albums, watch old home videos and re-read past letters. While I encourage not to fight it I say this with caution. Re-visiting the past can bring back good and bad memories and it’s a flip of the coin which will be strongest. Walking down memory lane can be a nice momentary distraction but don’t allow yourself to stay there. Today is still a new day waiting to be conquered! 

About Janee V. Henderson

Janee' V. Henderson is a licensed professional counselor, coach, and consultant. She is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and holds a license to service those located in Missouri, Texas, and New Jersey. Janee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Hampton University and a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Janee has certifications in Anger Management and Trauma-Informed Care.

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